wilkinson brick making machine
cement brick making machine


Revolutionary in Design & Operation - Save time, fuel, money and make your own bricks on the spot. Hand operated or with an optional vibrator.


wilkinson brick making machine

WILKINSON BRICK MAKING MACHINE - Patent No: 74/3954 - 75/1516 - 75/3313 / NAM 81/0142

Using the WILKINSON CEMENT BRICK MAKING MACHINE, you can save time and money making your own Cement Blocks and Bricks.

All farmers do some building work from time to time. Our machine that makes 10 bricks at a time, is ideal.

Contractors can use these machines to make their own cement bricks, blocks and paving bricks, and save up to 50%. If you have access to your own sand, the saving can be as high as 70% compared to buying bricks. You will need 6 pockets of cement and 2 cub. metres sand per 1000 bricks.

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